Mindset Consulting

Colonel Matt Elledge has a unique approach to helping people. Whether you want to improve your business, refine your leadership skills, or just take command of your own thoughts, Matt can help you. He calls it 'Mindset Consulting', and it will change your life. Just as it did his.


The Mental Edge to Thrive and Win

Colonel Matt Elledge served in leadership positions for more than 25 years in the U.S. Army. It times of peace and war, he has had the honor of leading soldiers in small organizations of 34 people to large ones of more than 5,000. Having deployed into combat several times he learned that to succeed in extreme situations you have to have the mental edge to thrive and win in this environment. He also learned that with whatever life, business or combat throws at you, you have to have the right fundamentals to lean back on.

Because of his experiences, he has developed a framework to achieve superior results and live extraordinary lives. Matt not only teaches this framework, he lives it. Every day. 

If you want to win the mental game and start your journey to living a life that YOU design, set up a free 60-minute strategy session with Matt by clicking the link below.


Gaining the Mental Edge on your Life and Career

As he and his family were transitioning from the military to a new phase of their lives, Matt's parents unexpectedly became quite ill. He father ended up dying, and then his mother passed just five months later. Devastated and unprepared, Matt still had to figure out what he needed to do to be successful in the next phase of his life for his family after transitioning. Overwhelmed, he became stuck and didn’t know what to do. 

This is when he started to develop the protocol that he teaches today. He learned you have to have A Disciplined Mind to gain the mental edge on your life and career. He trained extensively and became certified in the methodologies taught in David Bayer’s Mindhack and Business Accelerator Strategies that lay out a framework to take control of your thoughts and achieve success in life and in business. 

He also fell back to the fundamentals he learned in the military – to start a successful career and develop an organization that is empowered to move farther than he could have imagined. Within a year, he increased the organization’s revenue by almost 100% and increased his customer base by more than 50%. 

This protocol worked for him and it can work for you, too.

To see how we can help you gain the mental edge you need to succeed in life and in business, schedule your free 60-minute strategy session with Matt by clicking the link below.