Sharpen Your Edge.

Taking your business to the next level.

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Feel stuck, overwhelmed or lost?

Do you always seem anxious or worried about what your future holds? 

If your business or career feels like a burden and not a blessing, the Sharpen Your Edge Protocol will help you gain confidence so that you can see that life is always working for you. You CAN control your thoughts and you CAN dictate your own destiny. Set an appointment for a Free Complimentary Session here and see how we can help you Sharpen Your Edge.



To develop the mindset to live an extraordinary life, by thinking about your thoughts and turning every experience into an opportunity to achieve what you want in your life, your relationships and your business or career.


1. A four-hour intensive session to set the foundation of utilizing our protocol to develop A Disciplined Mind.

2. A series of 16 weekly one-on-one sessions to strengthen your ability to apply our protocol on a moment-by-moment basis.

3. Constant email access

4. Unlimited 911 calls if you find yourself struggling with an experience.


You will have all the tools you need to apply A Disciplined Mind to:

1. Think about your thoughts during the experiences you have on a moment-by-moment basis, to empower you to shape your own destiny in life and in business.

2. Live a life by design rather than by default.