From the Battlefield Journal

of Colonel Matthew Elledge

How to Take Charge and Take Ownership in Your Life and Business When It Counts

Matt Elledge is a husband, father, and veteran of the United States Army. With over 25 years of military leadership experience, Matt has led organizations from 30 to 5,000 people in and out of combat. He uses the Buy In principles in his own organization as well as in guiding others toward creating an environment of Buy In with their people in order to achieve incredible success in their business.

Matt has the privilege to serve those who have served, as well as assist business leaders. He helps others to develop strategic plans and create an environment of Buy In based off of lessons learned during his military service. Colonel Elledge developed The Buy-In Theory as a way to apply the principles he learned as a military leader but also as a veteran entering civilian life and leading others to lead.


Not another typical management book. I employ several in my organizations and getting them all on the same page, onboard them properly, and get them “mission” focused has been my struggle for over two decades. Using just a few tactics from his book has led to a few degrees of movement that has made an 80% improved impact on my business and clients. This guy knows how to lead.
— Kindle Customer